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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community


God-fearing Christian, Compassionate, Educated, Stylish… are just a few of many adjectives used to describe her. Mrs. Ashleigh Bennett was born and raised in Houston TX., attending all Klein ISD schools since the age of five.

Four swift years after high school graduation, she became a proud alumnus of Stephen F. Austin State University. Perplexed by the steps for the next chapter of life, she began her

career as a Teacher at her High School Alma mater. Although teaching was not one of her

first choices, she quickly fell in love and accepted the calling. A few years later she

recognized her influence, unique connection with the students and passion for student

success. As a result she began to seek for more; she wanted to make a difference beyond

the surface of the curriculum, which soon led to the Founding of the nonprofit

organization called Youthful PRO’s.


Youthful Professionals Reaching Out was designed to offer fruitful workshops and mentorship services to the youth. Along side the business of being a High School Counselor and Youthful PRO’s, Ashleigh has obtained a Master's in Education with a School Counselor certification as well as a Christian Counseling Certification. In her spare time, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with family(her Husband and Daughter), shopping, researching, mentoring, attending worship, traveling and spending time with extended family and friends.

Ashleigh Bennett M.Ed

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